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About Us

We take the frustration out of shipping and adheres to the most basic rule of shipping: always deliver as promised. Call us crazy, but we believe in keeping our word. Now more than ever, customers need the peace of mind their shipments are going to arrive on time. While technology is great, it doesn’t guarantee a stellar customer experience or provide open communication. Orangedale’s unique approach is creating a new standard.


Orangedale was founded by Jason Dembow, a knowledgeable and innovative pioneer in the transportation industry. Jason’s background in shipping started in ocean shipping and land transportation working with some of America’s top retailers and manufactures. Jason’s experience and insightful perspective challenges the transportation industry’s conventional thinking. He created Orangedale to offer broader transportation management services and to create a better shipping experience that his customers always wished for. His goal is to eliminate any hassles and build efficiencies when it comes to all shipping needs so customers can focus on their core business.

Orangedale Transportation is based in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  When Scottsdale was founded back in 1888 by Winfield Scott, he was impressed with the area's potential for agriculture and named the city Orangedale.  The city quickly grew and was renamed Scottsdale after its founder, but we wanted to remember our roots and take the name Orangedale.